​Blizzard keeps its plans for Overwatch airtight, even with the talent for its heroes. At Anime Fest for New York Comic Con, Sombra voice actress Carolina Ravassa explained she did not know much about Sombra -- then called Noche -- before the hero joined Overwatch.

Ravassa auditioned for Sombra and booked the role two months after her audition, but apparently Sombra went by a different name at that point in the development. 

"Her name was Noche instead of Sombra -- or that was her codename," she explained. Blizzard later switched her name to Sombra. Blizzard described her as a Jessica Jones character, a "badass latina."

Sombra, who was revealed at Blizzcon in November 2016, went through many changes in her development, as it was previously revealed she was once a hero who had ​Genji and Hanzo's abilities combined. 

​​"Because she wasn't one of the original heroes that we had, she had to come in and discover her character at BlizzCon," Symmetra voice actress Anjali Bhimani said at the same panel. 

Sombra's voice actress also learned about Sombra first-hand with fans when her ​Overwatch animated short was released. ​"I was at the audience in BlizzCon when the unveiled the 'Infiltration' animated short, and she hacks the screen and apparently the sound guys had an 'oh shit' moment. And I was like 'oh my god, I think that's my short film,' and I was looking around in the audience freaking out," she said.

As far as the game's lore goes, Blizzard does not appear to reveal much information -- if any -- to the voice actors. The other actresses confirmed they are not told which voice lines they record will make it into the game, leaving it a surprise for fans and the voice actors.

Jen Cohn, the voice actress of Pharah, said she wanted an animated short ​to learn more about Ana and Sam, Pharah's father. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard