​During Anime Fest at New York Comic Con, Jen Cohn, the voice actress for Pharah, shared a funny story about how Sahr Ngaujah, Doomfist's voice actor, was cast by Blizzard.

​​Blizzard's Senior Casting and Voice Director Andrea Toyias was in charge of finding the voices for the ​Overwatch heroes. When it came to Doomfist, however, apparently she had someone in mind for a long time.

Toyias was listening to auditions from people from all over the world, but she was fixated on one voice that did not officially audition. "She kept on going back to how seven years before she was here in New York City and saw the show 'Fela!', the musical on Broadway, and the star of 'Fela!' was just stuck in her head as being the perfect guy for it," Cohn explained. Toyias hunted him down and found his manager. 

Sahr never did a voice over before, because he is primarily a theater actor. Toyias had Sahr read the lines she sent as part of his audition. "He read it and now he's Doomfist," Cohn said.

Although Terry Crews was ​a community favorite for the voice of Doomfist, the current voice of Doomfist fits the character perfectly -- which Crews ​agrees with.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard