​Riot Games announced the release of the legendary Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger skin which is  now purchasable for 1820 RP through the in-game store.

​​The ​League of Legends Legendary skin turns the mechanic champion Heimerdinger into a dragon trainer. Each of Heimerdinger's abilities have been altered to use a dragon instead of the original mechanical turrets. Player icons were released to match at 250 RP each.

In addition to icons and animations, the Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger set also gives players access to a unique dance involving three separate dragons. Players have been quick to call it "the best dance in the game," and it resembles something of a routine involving three baby dragons throwing Heimerdinger around.

The entire set, along with unlocking Heimerdinger himself costs a total of 3132 RP. The Master Set comes with: Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger, a Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger Icon, Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger Border, a Pythagoras Icon, a Bitey Icon, a Turret Jr. Icon and a Trained Dragon Ward. 

The set is available for purchase from now until Oct. 25.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games