A fan of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUND'S recently released an amazing concept for a Vector skin.

The weapon skin is styled to depict a bloody samurai battle. Blood red splashes down the front of the gun and leads to a red sun, completing a picture of the Japanese flag. In the middle stands a samurai at the end of a battle, finishing a broad slash with his katana. The Kanji on the hilt roughly translates to "Bushido," the code of honors and ideals that dictated the life of a samurai.


All in all, it's awesome. The skin just goes to show that PUBG has some of the most dedicated fans around if they're able to make something like this out of love for the game. 

Hopefully, with enough fan-made skins like these, PUBG Corp will be more inclined to start adding them to the game. As of now, none of the in-game skins have been created by the community. Other games have successfully integrated community art, so hopefully, we'll see some fan-made skins in future updates.

Photo courtesy of Reddit user mrwhitedynamite