G2 Esports pulled off a massive upset Saturday, clutching out a 3-2 victory against tournament favorites Royal Never Give Up in the quarterfinals of the League of Legends World Championship.

Despite losing game one handily to RNG, G2 bounced back, and over the course of the series managed to show off its calculated ​League of Legends prowess against the Chinese beast.

G2 had never previously qualified for the bracket stage at worlds, but had earned a second place finish at the Mid-Season Invitational. That performance foreshadowed a hard-fought win through the EU regional gauntlet, then a brutal slog through the play-in stages, but G2 stayed strong through it all.

Worlds 2018 has been an unpredictable tournament to say the least, as South Korea has now been completely eliminated from the bracket, leaving two European teams, one North American team, and one Chinese team to battle it out for the championship.

G2 will face the Chinese Invictus Gaming on Saturday for a chance to make the worlds finals an all-Western affair.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games