When Jeff Kaplan comes out on stage at BlizzCon and gives the fans of Overwatch a teaser of Hero 29, ​he should introduce Maximilien as the newest Overwatch hero. Maximilien is an Omnic businessman who first appeared alongside Doomfist and Widowmaker in the comic Masquerade.

In the comic, it is shown that Maximilien is a close confident of Talon and works closely with members of it. He stepped up to take more control after the death of Antonio, who any ​Overwatch player will remember from the cinematic at the beginning of the Overwatch: Archives event this past year. 

Maximilien has all the lore set out to become a hero. He is already in cahoots with Doomfist and Widowmaker, and is a known member and leader of Talon. Bringing in more villains to compete with the idealistic heroes could also give Blizzard more opportunities for Archives events. They could bring in lore from Talon and have Maximilien star next to Sombra and Doomfist.

The biggest question with any ​new Overwatch hero is how do they play? This is where the development team could create any number of new styles. As a new omnic, the comparison to Zenyatta is natural, but not necessary. Zenyatta is a monk, and all of his moves are centered around that. Maximilien is a casino owner, and it would not make sense for him to do what Zenyatta does.

The best option for this new character would be a damage class, and Maximilien could fit in there. The community has never seen a humanoid Omnic as a damage dealer, and this could open the door for a new playstyle. Likely not a mobility hero like Genji or Tracer, he could be a slow moving damage dealer who is dangerous to be around. 

Overwatch has been missing long range heroes for a long time. All of the new damage dealers have been close range, high mobility heroes, and a slower damage hero could bring a new pace to Overwatch that has been much needed.

Maximilien offers the right amount of cool design and freedom to create a new character for Overwatch. He could be introduced more into the lore, and provide a yin to Zenyatta's yang. His abilities could be anything that Blizzard wants, and could lead to the most unique character yet. Whatever the new character announced at ​BlizzCon, it is sure to be a great new way to play. 

Photo courtesy of Blizzard