Riot Games will update the audio Wednesday for League of Legends champion Gragas' base skin and skins that use base sound effects as part of League of Legends Patch 8.21.

According to ​patch notes published Tuesday, Riot will update ​League of Legends' audio for Gragas' basic sound effects to increase their clarity. The changes affect each of his abilities and begin with his basic attacks, which now change based on whether Gragas hits stone, wood, metal or people.

​Barrel Roll (Q) will have a pair of new audio effects, changing its sound on hitting max charge and more generally. Drunken Rage (W)'s activation audio will be clarified. Body Slam (E)'s collision audio will be updated. Finally, Explosive Cask (R)'s on-cast clarity will be improved.

Gragas' audio changes arrive alongside ​balance adjustments for 13 champions, a new audio cue for the On My Way ping, balance changes for items, tweaks to camouflage and several new skins.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games