​Coming into the League of Legends World Championship, all eyes fell on Royal Never Give Up, the first seed from China and the winner of every international tournament in which it participated this year. Many viewers gave credit to the talent of Invictus Gaming's individual players, but often doubted the team's chances of success in comparison to the first seed from the region.

​​Given the success throughout the year of the first seed from China, it come to the surprise of many viewers after Royal Never Give Up dropped out of contention at worlds when ​the team lost to G2 Esports in the quarterfinals. Invictus Gaming then took the torch from RNG as the last team from China after it narrowly defeated Korea's first seed KT Rolster in a close five-game series.

China has yet to win a ​League of Legends world title, having fallen to Korean teams each year. Now only one remaining team has the chance to secure the victory for the region. But Invictus Gaming isn't fighting for that sole purpose; the team has often been overshadowed by RNG, and winning the Summoner's Cup will allow IG to finally stand superior after falling to RNG consistently throughout the year.

Even when Invictus Gaming ended both the regular season in the spring and summer splits at the top of the LPL standings, the team continuously fell behind RNG in both of the splits' playoffs. It seemed as though, while Invictus Gaming could secure long term standings, RNG could perform better when it mattered most and come in clutch for individual games.

Invictus Gaming will look toward the worlds title in the final series against Fnatic. The teams played during the group stage, when Fnatic won to secure first place in Group D. The teams look relatively even matched in strength, though the solo laners for Invictus Gaming including Kang "TheShy" Seung-lok and Song "Rookie" Eui-jin showcased incredible performances in the semifinal matches against G2 Esports, where the Chinese team clean-swept its European opponents.

Invictus Gaming has already surpassed RNG in the world's standings, but if the team can secure the trophy for China, it will create a name for both itself, its players, and its region for years to come.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games