5 Best Overwatch Heroes to Counter Ashe

Ashe was released on the Overwatch PTR today, and with players testing everything about her, it is time to release a way-too-soon list of counters to the hero. For some general info, Ashe is a high damage, lower mobility hero who has some incredibly unique abilities and is sure to impact Overwatch in a positive way. 

5. McCree

This battle should be relatively even in most regards, depending on the map that it occurs on. McCree is slightly closer range and could instantly kill an Ashe if he is close enough to flashbang her. This fight will ultimately come down to who hits headshots faster. 

4. Brigitte

Is there anything Brigitte is not good against? With Ashe, the answer is still no. If the healer can get in close range, this should be an easy win for Brigitte, as she can bash and flail her way to victory. 

3. Genji

This matchup depends often on the status of Genji's reflect. If a Genji can get behind an Ashe and get a bit of damage, he can reflect her abilities, making her useless. The Genji will be in trouble if they allow for the Ashe to get a good shot off. 

2. Hanzo

Much like the No. 1 spot on this list, Hanzo has a huge range advantage and instant kill potential. His mobility does not hurt as well, as he can easily jump around her and make her life a living hell. This battle will be about positioning, as Hanzo can easily take advantage of the range game. 

1. Widowmaker

Widowmaker is a counter to many heroes in the game, as her long distance and high damage can instantly kill most heroes. Ashe is closer range, so if she gets within the lines of sight of a good Widowmaker player, it will very likely lead to death. 

Photos courtesy of Blizzard