​The Super Smash Bros Ultimate release date is Dec. 7, and the game will be released with ​many new characters, stages, music, and other content.

Smash Ultimate will be the most inclusive Smash games so far, as it will include every Smash character from previous games. New to the roster is Dark Samus, Daisy, Chrom, Ken, Inkling, Ridley, Simon, Richter, King K. Rool, Isabel, Incineroar, and ​Piranha Plant. As was the case with Smash 4, there's likely even more characters slated to be released in the future through downloadable content.

There's going to be over 100 unique stages and over 800 songs available for players to enjoy, in addition to new assist trophies and other items.

​Super Smash Bros Ultimate is going to be the best way to experience Smash Bros, and a game that smash fan should miss out on!

Photo courtesy of Nintendo