Super Smash Bros Ultimate: 5 Reasons to Be Excited

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is coming out on Dec. 7, and it is a new way to experience the Smash Bros world. Here are five reasons to be excited about Super Smash Bros Ultimate!

5. 70 Characters

Every character from previous Smash Bros games will be available in Smash Ultimate, in addition to some new faces. Dark Samus, Daisy, Chrom, Ken, Inkling, Ridley, Simon, Richter, King K. Rool, Isabel, Incineroar, and Piranha Plant  will also join the fray. 

4. More than 100 Stages

The game has 103 stages slated for release, but more could be on the horizon as Nintendo has released additional stages as downloadable content in the past.

For the first time, players will be able to use Stage Morph to pick a couple of stages and have the stages transform into one another over the course of battle.

3. More than 800 Songs

Decades of Nintendo musical magic are captured in Smash Ultimate, giving players access to more than 800 songs. Players can make playlists in the game and customize which songs are played on various stages.

2. New Mechanics

Smash Ultimate isn't a port of Smash 4; it's an entirely different engine with new mechanics. For instance, all aerials have less landing lag, and it's no longer possible to run through an opponent and get on the other side of them -- all characters have collision.

1. Simon and Richter Belmont

Simon and Richter Belmont, and everyone else from the Castlevania franchise, have escaped Smash for too long. Finally, the whip-wielding Belmonts are entering the fray and will bring unique disjointed hitboxes along with them!

Photos courtesy of Nintendo