Super Smash Bros Ultimate is ​coming out on Dec. 7, and it is bringing a host of new content along with it.

As far as characters go, Dark Samus, Daisy, Chrom, Ken, Inkling, Ridley, Simon, Richter, King K. Rool, Isabel, Incineroar, and ​Piranha Plant are ​the faces announced so far, with likely more on the way through downloadable content.

​Every single stage from previous Smash games will return, and there will be new stages to accompany them, like New Donk City from Super Mario Odyssey. Also coming in ​Smash Ultimate is a Stage Morph option where players can select a couple of stages before going into battle. After some time in battle, the states that players are on will transform into the other one selected, creating dynamic gameplay.

Ultimate players will have access to more than 800 songs and can create playlists of them to use on any stage of their choosing.

Perhaps some of the more interesting things being brought to Ultimate are Spirits, which are essentially collectible non-playable characters that can be slotted in equipment slots for the Smash character of your choosing. Like custom moves in Smash 4, spirits change the attack properties of characters. Spirits can boost both offensive and defensive stats.

Photo courtesy of Nintendo