Piranha Plant is the first character and Super Smash Bros Ultimate to be available through downloadable content. It will not be available once ​Ultimate releases Dec. 7, but it will be available sometime after that for players who take the right steps towards unlocking it.

Get Piranha Plant in Smash Ultimate

For a limited time, players can get the Piranha Plant for free by purchasing a copy of Super ​Smash Bros Ultimate and registering the game with a My Nintendo account by Jan. 31. If players do that, Piranha Plant will join the game as soon as it's available.

If players don't do the method listed above, ​Piranha Plant will still be available, but it will not be free. It will be the first DLC character and smash ultimate, and purchasable for an yet to be determined price.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will have at least 70 characters, including Piranha Plant, over 100 stages, and over 800 songs. ​It is truly going to be the best Smash game yet.

Photo courtesy of Nintendo