Paris Eternal revealed its logo and skin colors ahead of the Overwatch League Season 2. The team announced it will be known as the Paris Eternal. 

Paris held an event to reveal its team name, logo, and colors for the Overwatch League. The Paris Eternal, who previously revealed its full roster, announced the team name and the team colors it will use when it debuts in Season 2. 

The Paris Eternal's colors are blue, burgundy, and gold. The rooster seen in the team's logo is a national emblem of France.

The Overwatch League is in its offseason, and many players are still waiting for roster announcements and team branding reveals of the other teams joining the Overwatch League Season 2. The league added eight new teams, increasing the number of competing teams from 12 to 20. 

The league also announced major structure and schedule changes for the new season.

Cover photo courtesy of Paris Eternal