How to change the language in Fortnite is one of the many asked questions in the Fortnite community. Fortnite has become a global phenomenon, and Epic Games has provided a variety of language options for players looking to enjoy the game. This is a guide on how to change the language in Fortnite.

So the first step is loading up Fortnite. After loading up Fortnite, navigate your way to the main menu button on the right and click it. 


After that, click on settings. 

A variety of options will appear. Go to the "Game" tab at the top next to the video. After that, you'll see a multitude of sensitivity options and directly below that will be the language tab. Simply click the left and right arrows until you are at your desired language.

Then hit apply, but before the language change takes effect you'll have to restart your game. After restarting you'll be all set to play the game in your preferred language! 

Photos courtesy of Epic Games