A Ranked System has been scheduled for a January PUBG Xbox update. This is a feature already in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS for PC.

The announcement came in PUBG Corp's weekly Xbox community update which outlined PUBG Corp's plan for the coming months. In the upcoming January update, PUBG Corp will be implementing region renewal and the rank system. The rank system is already seen in the PC version of the game, and it allows players to climb through eight different rank brackets by winning and having good performance.

The region renewal system will update the way that PUBG places players in a region. In the new system, players queuing up with friends will find themselves placed in the best possible region for all players. PUBG Corp said that they haven't yet implemented this because they want to make sure it doesn't negatively affect any regions.

Also announced was an update scheduled for December, which will bring more graphical settings options, the Skorpion, and a FOV slider for FPP.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp