The first Major of the Dota Pro Circuit 2018-2019 has just ended, and participating teams got something perhaps even more valuable than the million dollar prize pool: DPC ranking points.

DPC ranking points are awarded to teams that place in Valve sponsored Minors or Majors. Minors are worth 500 points and Majors are worth 15,000, but this number will change in tournaments that have over one million dollar prize pools. These points determine what teams go to TI9, the biggest annual Dota 2 tournament in the world, so they are perhaps the most valuable currency in the scene.

With the conclusion of the Kuala Lumpur Major, we now have a platform to measure the current success of teams from around the world. The following teams sit at the top of the leaderboard:

1 - 4950 points

2 - Team Secret 3000 points

3 - Evil Geniuses 2100 points was last year's reigning champion throughout most of the season, and Team Secret was fourth. The biggest change here is from EG, who was previously at eleventh place in the DPC 2017-2018. 

A full list of the ranked teams covers 22 teams in total, with the bottom teams sitting at 20 points for the moment. The fourth-ranked team, Ninjas in Pyjamas, currently has 1350 points despite almost suffering a 60 percent reduction after one of its players was unable to acquire the correct visa. After that comes PSG.LGD (previously third) and TNC Predator at fifth, Fnatic and Vici Gaming tied for seventh, Alliance, Forward Gaming, J.Storm, and Pain X tied for ninth, Tigers at thirteenth, Natus Vincere at fourteenth with 100 points. Nine teams sit below Na`Vi, each with under 100 points.

Notably absent from the list is the last two TI champions Team Liquid and OG, both of which were unable to participate in the Kuala Lumpur Major.

Photo courtesy of PGL