The European League Championship Series​ announced its rebrand Tuesday changing its name to the League of Legends European Championship. A new logo was also revealed.

The ​League of Legends European Championship will employ a franchising model rather than the relegation and promotion model used by the EU LCS over its six year run. That model, the details of which were ​announced March 28, will include revenue sharing, a minimum player salary and benefits increase, and franchise permanence.

The LEC ​explains its new logo, and its new brand, as capturing the "explosive energy of the league, and the clash of Europe’s best teams."

The competitive format of the league is expected to receive minimal changes. Riot plans to release further details in the coming weeks.

The changes made in Europe mirror those made in the NA LCS, though that competition didn't receive a corresponding brand update.

Franchising has become the model du jour for esports looking for greater stability, which in turn reduces risks for investors. The Overwatch League, which launched its inaugural season Jan. 10, was the first major esport to commit to franchising. It has widely been seen as a success, and has expanded to eight new cities for its second season.

For its part, the LEC will feature 10 teams in its first post-rebrand season, which is set to begin in January.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games