An Overwatch discount applies this week as part of Blizzard's Black Friday sale.

The Black Friday sale at Blizzard for its games began Friday, according to its announcement. Overwatch is $14.99 and an upgrade to the legendary edition is $5 for the sale. 

​​Overwatch is heavily discounted for Blizzard's Black Friday sale. Its announcement revealed all titles available for the launcher are heavily discounted, with the highest discount being 66 percent. A standard edition of Overwatch is on sale for $14.99, instead of $39.99. 

Those who already own the standard edition can upgrade to the legendary edition for $5. The legendary edition comes with five epic and legendary skins, like Okami Hanzo and Valkyrie Mercy. Legendary hero skins, like Slipstream Tracer, Overgrown Bastion, and Blackwatch Reyes (Reaper), which cannot be purchased in-game any other way, are also included.

Players who do not have the standard edition but would like the legendary edition can purchase the legendary version for $19.99, regularly priced at $59.99. The deals end Monday.

Blizzard also announced Black Friday deals ​for its gear store. Overwatch is also for free until next Monday. Players can get ​special Ashe ​sprays watching Overwatch Twitch streams until then, too.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard