Overwatch Legendary Edition Contents

d / Image by Veronika Rodriguez

Overwatch Legendary edition is on sale this week as part of Blizzard's Black Friday sale. Overwatch players who already own the game will be able to upgrade their version to the legendary edition for $5 through the Blizzard store. Here is the Overwatch Legendary Edition content for anyone on the fence about which game to buy.

Overwatch Legendary Edition Content

The Overwatch legendary edition will give players 15 Overwatch skins -- five of which cannot be purchased in-game. There are five epic skins and 10 legendary skins included in the exclusive version of the game. 

Epic skins:

- Carbon Fiber Genji

- Pale Moira

- Paragon Reinhardt

- Winter Widowmaker

- Shrike Ana

Legendary skins:

- Okami Hanzo

- Valkyrie Mercy

- Police Officer D.Va

- Mystery Man McCree

- Fool Junkrat

Origin skins (legendary):

- Security Chief Pharah

- Strike Commander Morrison Soldier: 76

- Slipstream Tracer

- Blackwatch Reyes Reaper

- Overgrown Bastion

The legendary edition will grant in-game bonuses for a few of Blizzard's other titles. In Heroes of the Storm, players will be able to play as Tracer. A Baby Winston pet will be available for World of Warcraft players, and Mercy's Wings are an equippable item in Diablo III. The legendary edition will also provide Hearthstone players with a card pack and in-game portraits of Tracer, Pharah, Reaper, Winston, Soldier: 76, and Bastion

How do I get Overwatch Legendary edition?

Players can purchase the Overwatch legendary edition through Blizzard in the Battle.net launcher for Blizzard's Black Friday deal or through their console's respective stores. 

Players who have the Origin or Game of the Year edition are unable to upgrade to Legendary, however. Those players will be required to purchase another copy, which is currently $19.99.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard