​Overwatch Season 13 end date will certainly be of interest to fans and players as the game continues to cycle through seasons. The uncertain nature of season lengths presents a typical b ut important question: When does Overwatch Season 13 end?

​​Overwatch Season 13 introduced the Torbjorn Reforged rework. "The changes to his weapons and abilities increase his effectiveness in a wider range of situations while preserving the identity of the hero. He no longer relies on a scrap system, his turret is easier to deploy, and we’ve replaced the Armor Pack ability with Overload—a powerful self-buff—and transformed Molten Core into a powerful new area denial ultimate ability," Blizzard said in the season announcement.

Blizzard also started a new competitive team death match playlist in Season 13, giving Overwatch fans a new playlist to rank up in.

When Does Overwatch Season 13 End?

If Overwatch Season 12 is anything to go off, Season 13 should end around Dec. 30. Season 12 started on Aug. 31 and ended on Oct. 28. That's not precise or estimation, but rather a guess looking at how long the season should last.

Expect Overwatch Season 13 to end around the end of December right before the new year.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard