Overwatch Christmas skins will be available for players again when the Winter Wonderland event comes back in December. Here is everything players need to know about the upcoming event and the Christmas skins.

What are the new Overwatch Christmas skins for 2018?

So far, ​Sugar Plum Fairy MercySnowboarder Zarya, and Arctic Fox Lúcio were revealed as the new skins for the event. More legendary and epic skins will possibly be revealed before the event starts Tuesday.

A possible Junkrat skin ​was leaked in a new ​Overwatch t-shirt that BlizzCon attendees were able to purchase through the Blizzard gear store. The possible skin appears to be a Rat King Junkrat skin. If it becomes a real skin, it will most likely be a legendary and therefore cost 3,000 credits to unlock. 

The Winter Wonderland event will also bring a Christmas-look for the Blizzard World map. 

Can you buy previous Overwatch Christmas skins?

All Winter Wonderland skins from the previous iterations of the event can be bought and will be at a discounted price. New legendary skins from last year will only be 1,000 credits. Epic skins, normally priced at 750 credits, will be 250 credits.

What is the Overwatch Winter Wonderland start date?

Winter Wonderland will officially start Tuesday, Dec. 11. The event will run until Jan. 2. 

Game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed the Christmas event ​will not have a new game mode. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard