Dota 2 Patch 7.20c: 5 Most Important Changes

Dota 2 Patch 7.20c has been released, the third and latest iteration of the patch. So much has changed in so little time, but it's already clear that this patch is unlike anything we've ever seen. 

Valve has been doing a lot to change the Dota 2 formula, so here's the five most important changes in the most recent update.

5. Wraith Band Changes

Wraith Band is one of the most important items in Dota 2, as it enables an off-beat build that involves buying the item three or four times over to stack the bonuses. It's clear that Valve isn't too happy with this, as they've been steadily nerfing the item over each 7.20 iteration. 

The recent changes further reduce the attack speed, but will it be enough to stop the green train?

4. Outworld Devourer Buffs

Outworld Devourer sits at a dismal 30 percent winrate, but to the surprise of many he has still been seeing steady play in recent pro tournaments. The buffs to his new skill Equilibrium might not be enough to bump his winrate in pubs, but in pro games the jury's still out.

3. Drow Marksmanship Change

Drow Ranger, much like Outworld Devourer, saw a major rework in 7.20 and has been getting buffed ever since. She's seen buffs to her agility and her passive, but the most recent buff looks to be the most promising, giving her Marksmanship Aura 120 damage on proc.

2. Slark Nerfs

Slark had been missing from Dota 2 for a long time prior to 7.20, but now he's back in business, seeing solid play in pubs and pro matches alike. But the nerf bat didn't skip a beat, hitting every single one part of his kit in one swoop. Slark's heyday might be over before it even started.

1. Even More Meepo Nerfs

Meepo's winrate over the last month has somewhat eerily resembled a roller-coaster, and a wild one at that: going way up to 70 percent, then dropping down to 56 or so, only to skyrocket back up. Now it seems like the cheese is finally over, and Meepo is going back to the niche role he once filled so well.

Photos courtesy of Valve