Best PUBG Settings for Xbox One

The best PUBG Settings for Xbox One are a tricky thing. PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Xbox can be one of the hardest games to get good at, as the harsh aiming mechanics and competitive environment make for a very unforgiving experience.

But all hope isn't lost, as improving your aim is just a few setting changes away. Vertical, horizontal and scoped sensitivity can, among other things, play a huge role in player performance during a match. Here's a step by step guide on the best PUBG Xbox settings.

Best PUBG Settings Xbox One: General Sensitivity

General sensitivity can control more than a few aspects of gameplay, most notably how your crosshair controls. This goes from 1-10, and a lot of it can come down to personal preference but something around five or six is the money mark. Along with this is aim acceleration, which causes the crosshair to speed up the longer you hold it in one direction. For this, something low is ideal, so around 2-4.

Best PUBG Settings Xbox One: Scoped Sensitivity

Scoped sensitivity will control how your gun handles while aiming down sights, and this can matter a lot more depending on which scope is being used. For 1x through 3x scopes, it's best to keep it close to the general settings, so just copy what you used for the general sensitivity. For every scope above this, take it down a notch, as trying to control a flailing crosshair while sniping someone miles away can be more than a little difficult.

Best PUBG Settings Xbox One: General UI and Brightness

In the UI tab, you're going to want to keep your preferred language (obviously), but consider changing the kill feed to a graphic. This will give you more information about your general surroundings, and can possibly result in a life-saving opportunity.

As for the brightness, anything above 50 is going to be fine. You'll want to make sure you can see everything you'll need to, but also don't make it so bright it hurts your eyes.

Once you have everything down, get out there and start hitting those flicks.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp