5 Best Janna Skins in League of Legends

The best Janna skins in League of Legends are a mix because Janna has many beautifully designed skins for players to show off in the bot lane, but five of them stand apart from the rest.

Here are the five best Janna skins in League of Legends.

5. Sacred Sword

Accompanied by a translucent pink koi fish, Sacred Sword Janna is draped in a pink outfit with long dark hair and holds a sword in place of her typical staff. The skin’s particle effects feature a beautiful blue opaque design with pink accents. With the skin's initial release, Riot Games also released a series of chromas for purchase that players can choose from prior to the start of a game.  

4. Victorious

With the end of each ranked League of Legends year, Riot Games releases an exclusive victorious skin to commemorate those who worked hard to reach Gold. Janna is one of only a handful of champions to have been selected by the game's developer to receive such a skin, having received hers back in Season 2. The skin is incredibly rare as a result, and only a few people own it, adding to the skin's overall value.

3. Star Guardian

For many, the Star Guardian skin line is one of the best in the game, and Janna became one of the first to receive hers during the line's initial release. The skin dresses Janna in a purple and white ensemble and pairs her with Zephyr, her floating animal-like companion. One of the best features about this skin is the particle effects that introduce pink and yellow stars to each of her abilities.

2. Bewitching

As one of Janna's newest skins, Bewitching Janna hit the live servers during this year's Tales from the Rift event. The skin is cute and fitting to Janna's personality, featuring a pumpkin broom with a mind of its own in place of her typical staff and a flying pumpkin bat-like animal keeping her company. She sports a large set of glasses and a witch's hat, perfect for those looking to get into the holiday spirit.

1. Forecast Janna

As a Legendary skin, Forecast Janna features new voice lines that provide a humorous twist to her overall character design. Forecast Janna hits the Rift fully equipped with a weather woman's outfit and microphone, ready to give a forecast. She comes accompanied by a smiling cloud and an umbrella in place of her staff. 

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games