Epic Games has been introducing new game modes with the Pop-Up Cup event system. Throughout the week, every single day has a different game mode for players to participate in. These game modes include solos, duos, and squads. All of these modes have a point system similar to the Skirmish Series tournaments. 

The caveat to these modes that differentiate themselves from the default ones are the altered mechanics added within them. 

One of the more recent Pop-Up Cups introduced into the game is the  Scavenger Cup, which has been discussed as an alternative to the current pace of the Fortnite metagame. The key mechanics in the game mode are increased material gain, extra health, and shields for eliminations, and material limitations. All three of these changes will be good for the longevity for Fornite. As of now, the material cap is 999 for wood, brick, and metal. Limiting the individual material count to 500 means players need to be smarter about how they want to allocate their building.

This change will be more prominent in the competitive scene, where most of the players are still alive by the last few circles. Players can only carry a total of 1500 materials which means they won't have enough to turtle in tunnels and boxes. This means players will need to be more aggressive with their decisions, and there will be less heal-offs.      

Arguably, the largest change that people have been asking for is the gained health and shields on eliminations. Having shields is a tremendous advantage to have when playing throughout the game. Since shields are a limited resource to have, it is often frustrating to be eliminated just because another player has higher health/shields. The additional life gain with each elimination allows for more plays to be made by an individual. Especially in a squads playlist, even when outnumbered, if a player can pick off another team one by one, they stand a chance. Currently, it's extremely difficult to hold your own against a team that outnumbers an individual.

Even with turbo building, the spray of SMG's and power of explosives can easily shred through a single players building. A common scenario is one person will down one or two of the enemy squad, but won't be able to finish them off or have time to heal back up before getting pushed on. It's disheartening because these players are eliminated not because of the skill difference, but through a lack of health/shields.

The increased material gain would be a positive overall addition to the game. Players would spend less time farming for resources, which means there would be more action and fights. It's not a new concept, but players have been asking for it for quite some time now. Especially with a material capacity, there's no reason to have this quality of life change. 

Fortnite has been adding new weapons, traps, and vehicles with each patch in order to keep the game fresh. Over the past few patches, new items like the Mounted Turret have received heavily negative feedback. Epic Games should readjust their focus on the foundations and mechanics of the game in order to restructure how it's played.

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games