Dota 2 Update 7.20d brought even more nerfs to heroes strong in the most recent patches.

The nerf onslaught continues in 7.20d, as meta heroes like Lich, Magnus, Slark, and Phantom Assassin all took some blows to their kits. Slark took the brunt of the nerfs, getting a reduction to his leash range, talents, and ultimate movespeed. Phantom Assassin, another popular melee agility carry, got nerfs to her ultimate damage and Blur skill.

The nerfs were abundant, but the update also brought some more neutral changes to the way movespeed works in Dota 2. Prior to update 7.20, boots gave a flat movespeed bonus number and items that granted movespeed would do so with a percentage based increase. Now that's been flipped, and items like Yasha, Manta Style and Mask of Madness all give flat bonuses while boots give a percentage based increase.

7.20d is the fourth and latest iteration of the patch, which went through 7.20b and 7.20c before arriving here.

Photo courtesy of Valve