The Overwatch Diamond Portrait is one of the most sought out changes. Overwatch's progression system outside of ranked is defined and displayed by the portrait borders players sport in-game. For years since the game's launch, portraits have only gone up to platinum. But the latest patch appears to have included an undocumented change, adding the next level of portraits to Overwatch.

In Overwatch, every 10 levels earn a player an update to their portrait.  Once that player has gone through 100 levels of updates, they receive a star added to their portrait as it resets to its otherwise starting appearance. Once a player has gone through that cycle six times, their portrait upgrades to the next metal. That means it takes 600 levels to go, for example, from bronze to silver.

The cycle begins with a bronze border, then goes through silver, gold, and platinum. Up until November, progression ended there despite legions of players leveling up past the point of platinum.

Blizzard appears to finally have added a diamond border to Overwatch in Patch Players can achieve the border by leveling up a minimum of 2,400 times and up to 2,900 times for additional stars. As each level is estimated to amount to one hour of game time, fully decking out a portrait in diamond with all stars would take at least 2,900 hours, or around 121 days straight.

The latest Overwatch patch testing on the Public Test Region features nerfs for Brigitte and Doomfist.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard