PUBG Skorpion fans will be excited to know the game’s newest automatic pistol will be joining the PUBG Xbox servers this December in an upcoming patch. Before it does, here’s everything to know about the Skorpion.

The Skorpion is a machine pistol that comes with single and automatic firing modes. It uses 9mm ammo and carries a magazine of 20 bullets, which can be doubled to 40 with an extended magazine. The gun also supports a red dot sight, Micro Uzi stock, suppressor, and a variety of grips.

PUBG Skorpion: What to Know Before Xbox Release

The gun can be found on all of ​PUBG's maps and is best for close-ranged skirmishes towards the start of a game. Its base damage stands stands at 22, which is the lowest of all of the pistols in the game, while its rate of fire is 650 RPM. 

The game's developers previously revealed the Skorpion gun to PC players through a Public Test Server update, as well as releasing it on live servers for mobile users. The Skorpion will enter the Xbox servers during the December update, which will be introduced toward the middle of the month. The new gun will enter the game alongside new graphical settings options and a first-person perspective field of view slider. 

Cover photo courtesy of PUBG Corp