Free Fortnite Account Generator - Does it Work?

Free Fortnite Account Generator, you may be unaware this even exists. Many players find themselves looking for easy ways to obtain flashy skins and dances to show off in their favorite game. One option players come across is websites that allegedly offer free Fortnite accounts, but do these generators actually work?

One site,, claims to generate accounts for a variety of games, including ​Fortnite. Upon arriving at the site, visitors can generate a shortened URL which will connect them to an account after viewing a series of ads and popups. The sites will sometimes ask for a large amount of personal information, including a user’s full name, physical address, and phone number, just to generate an account.

When checking out the site’s source code, it’s painstakingly clear that the site has a predetermined list of URLs ready to generate, meaning visitors will get repeat links and accounts upon refreshing the generator. After sifting through the advertisements, the site will give the visitor an email address and password to use in the game's client, but this information doesn't work when entered into the log in page, resulting in an error code or incorrect password popup. 

Free Fortnite Account Generator: Does Work?​

So in short, these account generators do not work. With these sites, visitors are often asked for private and personal information that should never be given out freely on these types of sites. Likewise, buying and selling accounts is against the game's terms of service, and could possibly result in players getting their accounts revoked or banned from the game itself.

There is no easy, penniless way to obtain skins in F​ortnite outside of the most recently added gifting option in Patch 6.31, where friends can gift players skins and items, which is set to expire on Dec. 4.

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games