Pokémon Let's Go Candy System: Everything You Need to Know

Pokémon Let's Go's candy system is a unique addition to the games. It's much more complicated than the Rare Candy system from the previous games and even more complicated than the Pokémon Go mobile game, but it's still doable. Here's everything you need to know about it:

Pokémon Let's Go Candy System - What They Do

By using candies, you can add up to 200 in every single stat in the game. That's Health Points, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed, Defense, and Attack. You can do that at any level of Pokémon and it still buffs them up. Though, if you plan to play the multiplayer online mode, make sure to click the "No Restrictions" for the battle rules or your Pokémon will be changed back to its original stats for the online match. 

Pokémon Let's Go Candy System - How Many Are There 

There are a total of six candies plus the species candy, but there is also three kinds of each candy. There is regular, large, an extra large candy for each stat. These are the six candies that correlate with a specific stat: Health Candy (health), Mighty Candy (attack), Tough Candy (defense), Smart Candy (Special Attack), Courage Candy (special defense), and Quick Candy (speed). 

Pokémon Let's Go Candy System - How to Use Them 

First, you must have the appropriate level for each Pokémon for each level of candy. If you have a level five Pikachu, you have to use regular candy for each stat until it increases those stats by 50. Once it hits that 50 cap, you must level up your Pikachu to level 30. Once you do that, players can then use large candy to increase their stats by 100. It continues until you hit the max cap of 200 for each stat. 

Players can also use the species candy which increases every stat by one. There is no restriction on this candy and you can use it 200 times to hit your stat cap. 

Pokémon Let's Go Candy System - How to Farm Candies 

Just like in Pokémon Go on mobile, there are a few options to farm candies to help buff your Pokémon. Players can simply catch Pokémon in the wild and it will reward players with species candy as well as a random amount of other candies. The more you catch certain Pokémon or catch them with a higher "catch multiplier" the more candy you will receive. 

Players can also transfer already caught Pokémon to the professor to receive candies. Lastly, players have the option to play mini-games with your Pokémon which will reward you with candies. 

Photo courtesy of Nintendo