Pokémon Let's Go: How to Trade With Yourself

​Pokémon Let's Go has trading and online battles and you may be wondering if it's possible to trade with yourself? It's doable but will cost you an extra Switch.

Normally, you are supposed to trade to others, but if you're in desperate need to finish your Pokedex and you have the cash, it's time to splurge. 

Pokémon Let's Go - How to Trade 

If you want to trade, you'll need to be near someone else with a Switch or you'll need to be in communication if they're far away. They will need either Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee or Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu. 

  • Press X and select “Communicate”
  • Select “Play with Others”
  • Select “Nearby player” 
  • Select “Trade” and you’ll have a screen pop up to select a code. Create a random three Pokemon code

If you are nowhere near the person you want to trade, you'll need to click the "X" and click "Communicate" again. Then click "Faraway player." Then you'll create another code and you'll go through the same process.

If you want to trade with yourself, buy another Switch and follow the same process. 

Photo courtesy of Nintendo