No Overwatch License Found is an error has appeared on and off throughout Overwatch's history, though its causes appear to be different nearly every time it comes up. Here's how to fix it.

When the error first appeared in 2016 during the ​Overwatch open beta, it affected players who had managed to install the game without activating their copy through a link sent to them via email. In December 2018, the error has reappeared to plague players who have happily enjoyed Overwatch, with a license, for years.

It's not completely clear what's causing this error to flare back up again — though it may be related to a ​hotfix Blizzard released Monday — but the solution appears simple. 

No Overwatch License Found error: How to fix

Most players have been able to remove the error just by closing out of the Overwatch and Blizzard client, then reopening both.

Blizzard has yet to issue an official comment on the errors.

Other Overwatch-related hiccups in recent memory include the ​accidental removal of the "Healing per 10 minutes" stat and a ​bug causing Moira's Biotic Orbs to pass through walls.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard