​How to Unlock Nikolai in Blackout is a topic on the minds of most Blackout players. As one of the legacy zombies characters available in Blackout, Call of Duty zombies fans want to play as their favorites characters from that branch of the CoD tree. 

Here's how to unlock Nikolai in Blackout. 

Nikolai's unique Blackout item is called the Russian Tanker Hat. It is found in the graveyard between the Asylum and Turbine points of interest. It's not just as easy as landing at the graveyard and picking it up, though. You must find a Monkey Bomb explosive and throw it at a tomb closest to the Asylum side.

After you throw the explosive at the tomb, it will open and you can pick up the hat. Once you have the hat, the mission is simple: survive to the top 10 in solos. 

How to Unlock Nikolai in Blackout

If you can survive all the way to the designated threshold based on your queued playlist, be it solos, duos or quads, Nikolai is unlocked. It's as simple as that. It's easier than the ​Wake the Sleeper Agent challenge for sure, simply based on its requirements.​

Nikolai is one of four original zombies characters available in Blackout. Hit the graveyard now and try to unlock him.