Fortnite Tracker: 5 Important Stats Epic Games Doesn't Monitor

​Fortnite Tracker from Tracker Network is the go-to site for monitoring in-depth Fortnite statistics. It keeps track of all available platforms, your seasonal performance, has its own rating system and simply allows players to know in which departments they need to improve.

Fortnite Tracker has become a valuable tool in the Fortnite scene because Epic Games' statistic tracking is minimal at best. It only keeps track of wins, high placings, kills, matches and time played. Fortnite Tracker takes it a step further, becoming the premier location for finding out who's really the best in the game. 

Here are the five important stats, in no specific order, Fortnite Tracker monitors that Epic Games does not in the Fortnite Client.

Fortnite Tracker notes the same stats Epic tracks in the Fortnite client and even more. Important stats to note are your win percentage, kill/death ratio, kills per match, score per match and total score. 

Fortnite Tracker: 5 Important Stats Epic Games Doesn't Monitor

The best part of Fortnite Tracker is it's easy to use. It creates an easy-to-follow leaderboard to climb the ranks of, it breaks it down by season so you can keep track of how well you do each time around, and it's free. 

There's no reason to not use Fortnite Tracker. Sure, some stats you can curate on your own via math, but what's the point of knowing math when you know how to type in a URL?