Overwatch forums are popular for easy reasons; people like talking about the games they play.

There is an abundance of discussion about Overwatch at any given moment, ranging from theories on the game's characters and lore to the game itself and what should be changed. There are many places players can voice their thoughts and opinions on whatever topic they choose, but here are the top five places for Overwatch discussion. 

5. ​​Tumblr

Tumblr might not be one of the most well known places to discuss Overwatch, but it can be easily accessed. Users can search through the ​Overwatch hashtag, or other hashtags, for posts that are complaining about or discussing parts of Overwatch -- whether it is esports, the lore, or the game itself. Developers don't typically respond to suggestions made on Tumblr, however, as there are other platforms the developers are more active on.

4. Twitter

Although Twitter does not have any specific sections to discuss topics, as Twitter accounts act more like a blog and do not have dedicated areas for discussion other than through Twitter conversations, many people discuss the state of Overwatch through Twitter. A simple search of the word Overwatch or even the Overwatch hashtag could direct people to tweets that might be inviting discussion on various parts of the game.

Professional players from the Overwatch League might also post tweets about the game or areas they would like to change, which is usually where fans respond with their own thoughts on the proposed idea or opinion.

3. Overwatch Subreddit

The ​Overwatch subreddit is where many discussions of Overwatch typically take place. Not just suggestions about improvements, but discussions on the lore (such as the ​identity of the next hero), or players sharing some funny or impressive highlights. The Overwatch developers occasionally reply on the subreddit, but fans know they do frequently browse through it. 

2. Competitive Overwatch Subreddit

For the discussions catered mostly toward the state of Overwatch as a game, whether heroes are over powered or not, the ​Competitive Overwatch subreddit is the place to have those discussions. The subreddit is typically ​used to discuss the esports side of Overwatch, but more in-depth discussions can be found in Competitive Overwatch.

1. Overwatch Forum

The best place for Overwatch discussion might be the ​Overwatch forum. If players want an area to talk about the lore, they can do so via ​the lore section of the forum. ​Calling bugs to the attention of developers can be done through the bug report section, and debating on the state of heroes, giving suggestions on ways to improve the game can be done in the other parts of the forum. 

Most of the Overwatch developers, including other Blizzard employees, are active on the forums, and the chances of getting a response on certain questions is higher than anywhere else.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard