Blood Moon Sivir, Pyke and Aatrox received the preview treatment Tuesday when Riot Games shared a video of each skin's unique Recall animation.

The ​League of Legends teaser begins with Sivir, who throws her crossblade into the air. As it spins, the blade turns into a blood moon, and Sivir herself floats up toward it before disappearing. Pyke's animation has him slice up several floating orbs before sinking into a puddle of what appears to be their blood. Last up, Aatrox slices up the ground in front of him before absorbing some floating shards, grabbing the last one, and teleporting.

The Blood Moon skin line depicts an alternate universe in which League of Legends' heroes become Ionian demons and worshipers in the Blood Moon cult.

The most recent entrant in the line was ​Evelyn, though previous entrants have included Akali, Diana, Elise, Jhin, Kalista, Kennen, Shen, Talon, Thresh, Twisted Fate, Yasuo and Zilean.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games