PUBG Reddit is the premier online forum for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS PC and Xbox players to gather together and post their favorite clips, developer questions, flat out rage and then some. 

But the PUBG Reddit moderators curate weekly threads throughout a seven day span to encourage online discussion and community growth.

Here are five important days and threads to know on both PUBG Reddits.

​Trash Talk Tuesdays is all about its namesake. Talk trash, no consequences (well, to some extent) and let people know why you're the best in the game. This is a fun opportunity to talk that talk, share bragging rights and engage with the community.

Welcome Wednesday is even better for the latter part of Tuesdays. It's also relatively new as it replaced Tips & Tricks Wednesday. Clearly it wasn't alliterative enough for the mods. This thread promotes users to greet new PUBG players and Reddit users at the door and make them feel welcome... or to check in and see if they share the same disdain for some of PUBG's bugs like the collective.

Feedback Friday is a great opportunity to ask prevalent questions or bring awareness to issues in PUBG. This is your chance to be heard by the PUBG development team and community managers. Just try and be constructive with your feedback.

PUBG Reddit: 5 Important Days and Threads to Know

Salty Saturday. How salty can you be? Are your levels of sodium chloride flying through the roof because someone dropped school and stole a weapon before you? Were you in a last man standing scenario and your game crashed? Tell your saltiest stories on this thread!

Sunday Dinner is a friendlier version of Trash Talk Tuesdays. Show off your greatest achievements from the week. Tell your tale about how you had no ammo in your gun but your enemy died in the blue zone. This is the thread to scream, "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner." 

PUBG Reddit, whether r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS or r/PUBGXboxOne are great places to acclimate yourself with online PUBG discussion. But, warning, it's still Reddit.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp.