​Fortnite Reddit is one of the top places on the internet for Fortnite fans to interact, engage and post content. After all, it's Reddit. It's one of the top places to do all of the aforementioned regardless. 

The Fortnite Reddit moderators promote daily threads throughout a week's span to promote interaction even more, leading subscribers to visit the subreddit more frequently. 

Here are seven important daily threads to know on r/FortniteBR.

Salty Sunday is pretty self explanatory. It's the day to be salty. Complain about some garbage that happened to you in the game, or about how something is absurdly broken. This is the time to do it. 

Mentor Monday means take someone under your wing. Kick off the week by teaching someone else some important technique you know. Or, help newer players get better at the game. Become a mentor on Mondays! 

Team Up Tuesdays. Are you struggling in solos? Can't seem to find anyone half-way decent in fill queuing? Find some players on this thread! Who knows, you may find your next duo or squad here. 

Epic Plz Wednesdays is, again, pretty obvious. Complain away Reddit users to Epic Games' community members about something that needs to be fixed or about a genius idea that should be implemented.

Fortnite Reddit: 7 Important Days and Threads to Know

Think It Up Thursdays lets users put on their thinking caps and brainstorm what should be added to the game. For example, what new dance moves or weapon Epic should add. Just be reasonable so the game doesn't become more broken.

Free Talk Friday takes the reigns away and lets users talk about literally anything. Try it, it's fun and you may find someone else who has a similar non-Fortnite interest as you.

Strategy Saturday is the thread to follow if you want to improve your play. Users chime in all day long with building and combat strategies, where and how to land, how to maneuver the map and more. Use this thread to your advantage.

The Fortnite Reddit boasts nearly 1 million users as of writing and is one of the most popular subreddits on the site.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games