Fortnite Wallpapers: 10 Best Options

Fortnite wallpapers can be quite beautiful, in its charming, goofy sort of way. What better way to pay tribute to the cultural phenomenon and its heartwarming look than with a computer wallpaper?

Here are the 10 best options for Fortnite Wallpaper.

10. Astronaut

This image is one of the most dynamic Fortnite promotional photos in the game's history. The level of detail in the reflection in the astronaut's visor adds a level of visual interest that most other promo images fail to attain.

9. Calamity and Deadfire Fighting Zombies

Fortnite's Fortnitemares event brought some of the most interesting skins the game had ever seen. Both Calamity and Deadfire were reactive, but Deadfire remains unique as the only skin to change over the course of a single match based on how a player acts.

8. Paradise Palms

If you're looking for something a little more contemplative than action packed, this shot of a night time Paradise Palms should do the trick. The glint of a pair of chests in the foreground adds a nice counterpoint to the dark city beyond it.

7. Rifts

Fortnite's rifts were an exciting experiment for the game, allowing players to teleport high into the air and parachute to a new location. This shot helps commemorate those rifts and the story events they brought about with a dynamic forced perspective.

6. Llama

Look, no one has a good explanation for why llamas figure so prominently in Fortnite. Maybe it's as simple as the developers falling in love with such a silly looking creature. Whatever the reason, llamas deserve celebrating, which is exactly what this wallpaper does.

5. Valkyrie and Ice Dragon

Valykrie is hands down one of the coolest (pun half intended) skins in Fortnite. Her ice-blue eyes and frozen wings give her a straight up bad ass look, and her giant Ice Dragon glider matches that intensity well in this shot.

4. The Cube (a.k.a. Kevin)

This shot commemorates another historic Fortnite moment and story: that of the giant purple cube. Nicknamed Kevin by the community, this cube made its mark all over the map before ultimately changing Loot Lake forever into Leaky Lake. Plus, there's a llama in this one.

3. Skull Trooper

Once one of the rarest skins in Fortnite, the Skull Trooper made his triumphant return during Fortnitemares with some seriously menacing Fortnite promo art. Well, as menacing as a guy in a goofy costume can be. This shot also revealed the female version of the skin.

2. The Storm

While this photo works predominantly as a promo piece for Fortnite's original Save the World mode (which somehow still exists), it also functions as a solid piece of art showing the divide between the normal world and Fortnite's ominous purple storm.

1. The Castle

This haunted castle from Fortnitemares appeared ahead of that event and added a seriously spooky atmosphere to Fortnite's hi-jinks. The shot also offers the kind of contemplation found in the Paradise Palms picture from earlier in this list.

Photos courtesy of Epic Games