the PUBG Vikendi Event pass will include the option ​to pay to level up, according to leaked filed that were data mined Wednesday.

​​​PUBG fans discovered new information regarding upcoming updates to PUBG Vikendi Event Pass. It will include a pay to level up option, which will allow players to instantly increase their pass level to 20 or 50 should they choose to do so. 

The Event Pass will also grant players bonus Battle Points after a match during the event pass period, according to the leak. 

Another leak also ​revealed the launch date for the PUBG PlayStation 4 Public Test Server and a new ranking system.

PUBG Corp recently confirmed the Vikendi map, the newest snow map coming to PUBG, ​will not launch for PlayStation 4 on the start date. The ​pre-order bonus for PUBG PS4 lists the Vikendi Event Pass as an exclusive, however. 

Cover photo courtesy of PUBG Corp