​Blackout Letter to the Emperor location is a difficult challenge when trying to unlock Takeo in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout.. The challenge doesn't lie in the difficulty of the challenge, but rather trying to find where the Letter to the Emperor actually spawns.

Here's how to complete the Blackout Letter to the Emperor challenge.

Takeo is unlocked when players acquire and complete the challenges associated with the Letter to the Emperor. The item, unlike others that are found in a single location, can be found in three locations: the Lighthouse, the Asylum and the boxing gym. There are typewriters in each location that spawn the letter once a player interacts with them.

After that, the item gives you a crutch of not being able to use equipment for the rest of the match. Spam all the grenades and grapple hooks you want until you pick up the item. After that, you're going in barebones. 

Blackout Letter to the Emperor Location: How to Unlock Takeo

The final part of the Letter to the Emperor challenge is to simply stay alive to top 15, top eight or top three in solos, duos and squads, respectively. You must finish with the item in your inventory just as the rest of the character unlock challenges. 

Solos, despite being on your own, is recommended due to the larger threshold for the placing requirement. But, there's also an advantage of having teammates to check your six. Whatever you do, don't hit your equipment button.