Blackout Juggernog Bottle Location: How to Unlock Dempsey

Blackout Juggernog Bottle location is the key to unlocking Dempsey in Blackout. As one of the classic Call of Duty zombies characters available, Dempsey's item is located on Nuketown Island. Once acquiring the bottle, his challenge is simpler than most. 

Here's how to unlock Dempsey in Blackout.

Blackout Juggernog Bottle Location: How to Unlock Dempsey

Dempsey is unlocked by first finding the Juggernog Bottle, akin to the power-up from the zombies mode. The bottle is found in the Nuketown Island underground bunker on a table in the middle of the diner. It's a tough area to navigate, but you should know where you are once you get there. Be careful, though, because the item doesn't always spawn. 

After getting the bottle, the only thing you have to do is kill an enemy with a grenade. Once again, grenade. Not a molotov. Cluster and frag grenades are the only grenades that get the job done. Clusters are recommended because of their high splash damage.

Once you've taken care of an enemy, that's it! You've unlocked Dempsey in Blackout. Be sure to keep the item in your inventory as well otherwise you won't complete the challenge. Hell, if winning isn't that important to you, get the grenade kill and then grenade yourself. Whatever it takes to get Dempsey.