​League of Legends lore received several small updates Wednesday ahead of the release of Neeko, the game's newest champion.

In a ​new feature called Patch Notes: Lore Edition, Riot Games communications strategist Bret "Ashekandi" Forbus compiled all the changes, big and minute, to League of Legends' story. The changes are sorted according to which biography or character they affect, and largely revolve around Neeko's forthcoming arrival in-game.

The update is headlined by a new story starring Neeko titled "The Monster of Kalduga Outpost," detailing Neeko's investigation of a Noxian outpost in her jungle.

Nidalee, Zyra and Rengar each had their biographies modified to add detail or confirm connections with other characters. Riot changed Nidalee's story to send her across Runeterra in search of answers about her mother, tweaked Zyra's motivation for fighting humans, and named Kha'Zix as the Void creature who scratched out Rengar's eye.

Riot also updated its official map with more info about the Kumungu jungle.

Neeko was ​first announced Nov. 19 and ​arrived in League of Legends on Tuesday in Patch 8.24.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games