​Fortnite Forbidden Locations are used for one of the newest multi-location dance challenges introduced in Fortnite Season 7 Week 1 challenges. The challenge requires you to use a dance emote at seven locations. Fortnite content creator SquatingDog created a cheat sheet for Week 1 helping players locate the seven different locations.

There are 10 different applicable locations for this challenge spread across the new ​Fortnite map iteration.​​ 

Fortnite Forbidden Locations: Where to Dance in Forbidden Locations

The full list of locations is as follows:

- B1 northwest of Junk Junction

- F2 in Lazy Links

- H3 west of Wailing Woods

- I2 northeast of Risky Reels

- C4 on the border of C5

- G5 east of Dusty Divot's factories

- F6 north of Salty Springs

- B9 southeast of Frosty Flight

- A9 south of Frosty Flight

- I8/J8 southeast of Paradise Palms

Players must dance at seven of these locations, not in any order and in any amount of games. The easiest route seems to be starting near Risky Reels to secure close to five in one game depending on the path of the storm.

Fortnite Season 7 went live Thursday with a brand new ​Battle Pass​X-4 Stormwing Plane and more. 

Photo courtesy of SquatingDog