Crown of RVs Fortnite are a descriptive yet cryptic challenge. Fortnite Season 7 Week 1 challenges requires players to complete a three step dance location challenge for 5 battle stars. The first part of the challenge, dance on top of a crown of RVs, seems to be giving Fortnite fans the most amount of trouble so far.

Here's how to find the crown of RVs location in ​Fortnite Season 7.

​​The crown of RVs is located to the south by southwest location outside of Paradise Palms. It is the furthest point in the H10 quadrant nearing the border of H and I on the map. Once there, scale the top of the point and you'll find the RVs. Hit your favorite dance move and move on to the next step.  

Use SquatingDog's cheat sheet for a visual guide in addition.

Crown of RVs Fortnite: Where to Dance on Top of a Crown of RVs

The nest steps require players to dance on a metal turtle and submarine. The turtle is located in J4 north of Lonely ​Lodge and the submarine is just east of ​new point of interest Frosty Flight. After dancing on each, players receive five battle stars toward leveling up their Battle Passes. 

Fortnite Season 7 features other map wide challenges including ​dancing at forbidden locations

Photo courtesy of SquatingDog