A PUBG leak Thursday from a data miner revealed about 80 skins likely on their way to the game, likely as part of the release of the new map, Vikendi.

The leak previewed 29 weapon skins, 10 jackets, seven helmets, seven pairs of pants, six hats, five masks, four pairs of shoes, three pairs of gloves, two face paint patterns, two skirts, and one each of goggles, shirts, parachutes, sweaters and shorts.

While only one item in the lot refers to Vikendi directly — a pair of purple and white sunglasses bears the name on its arm — almost all the items are appropriate for the map's winter environment. They include heavy winter coats, Russian ushankas, and snow-covered boots. Even the weapon skins feature digital camouflage, used in snow environments.

PUBG Corp ​released more winter gear Wednesday as part of the game's Christmas celebration. The developer is also ​offering PUBG PC players a free hat and nose combo for logging in during December.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp