​The Nexus Blitz League of Legends mode is getting a Snowdown edition. Nexus Blitz is a modified map with only two lanes and a jungle. There is a full event lineup slated for the mode, rewards, champion tuning and old items returning to the mode. 

The full list of events coming to Nexus Blitz in League of Legends, per Riot Games' announcement, is as follows:

- Bardle Royale: Both teams battle it out in an ever-shrinking circle of death until only one is left standing. Word of advice: don't recall once the event starts or you'll instantly burn to a crisp.

- Bardle Royale (Juggernaut): It's Bardle Royale but one member of each team gets increased health and the On-Fire buff!

- Bardle Royale (Paranoia): It's Bardle Royale but really, really dark. You won’t be able to see either enemies or allies until they’re right next to you! Everyone also gets flat penetration stats to make it the other kind of dark too (murder).

- URF Deathmatch: Urf the Manatee blesses everyone with insane buffs, including massive cooldown reduction and removed mana and energy costs. Everyone gets three lives. Last team standing wins!

- Loot Teemo: Chase a giant Teemo around the map and hit him to take his gold!

- Loot Veigar: A more dangerous Loot Teemo. Dodge the Dark Matter and Event Horizons that Veigar casts around him!

- Push the Cart: Stand near the cart to push it toward the enemy team's base and blow up the first building it touches. If the event goes too long, the cart gets impatient and decides the next person to touch it wins.

- Push the Cart (Attack/Defend): A time-capped variant of Push the Cart. Only the attackers can push the cart and their objective is still to shove it into an enemy building. When time runs out, defenders claim the win by shoving all attackers off the cart.

- Arena: Teams face off in a gauntlet of 1v1s and 2v2s. Strongest vs strongest, down to... less-strongest vs less-strongest. The team that wins the most prize fights takes the event!

- King of the Hill: Stand on top of the hill until your team claims it. If you push the enemy off, you'll drain their progress before adding your own.

- Scuttle Racing: An innocent race between two Rift Scuttlers turns nasty as both teams interfere. Use speed boosts and shields on your crab; CC and damage on the other team’s crab. If a crab dies faints, it recovers after a few seconds.

- Sudden Death (Nexus Blitz): At 18 minutes, the Nexuses get impatient and walk toward the center of the map to fight it out. Win the game by destroying the enemy Nexus, but watch out—someone taught them how to cast abilities. Death timers are reduced during Nexus Blitz!

For a full list of Nexus Blitz mode specific tuning and champion changes, check out the ​full primer.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games