​How to Get Shaw in Blackout ends up being arguably the most difficult zombies character challenge out there in the new Call of Duty battle royale mode. It is a three step challenge that requires drawing a lot of attention and going out of your way for kills. 

Here's how to get Shaw in Blackout. 

How to Get Shaw in Blackout 

Shaw's key Blackout item is called the Alchemy Set. To acquire the item, players must pick it up off of fallen zombies NPCs. Zombies spawn at the graveyard, Asylum, Lighthouse, boxing gym and diner. Considering its location, the graveyard is recommended depending on the route of the initial helicopters. The idea here is to draw as little attention as possible when farming zombies for the item.

After getting the Alchemy Set, you need to also get Wraith Fire and the Acid Bomb equipment. The goal is to kill two people with either throwable and then finish the match with the set in your inventory. 

Difficult acquisition of item based on RNG? Check. Killing enemies with a limited amount of explosives? Check. Good luck trying to get Shaw. It ranks as one of the most difficult challenges and rightfully so. 

As previously mentioned, Graveyard is preferred, but it's all about where the zombies spawn during a game and also the path of the initial drop. Choose wisely and get out there to unlock Shaw!