Danger Zone is now the battle royale in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive universe and you may need some advice on how to play. Here's some tips and tricks on how to survive in CS:GO's Danger Zone.

When playing Danger Zone, the first thing you'll notice is that it's not Fortnite or PUBG, but it's not exactly CS:GO either. It's something in-between, and something that requires a completely new approach to battle royale. 

CS:GO Danger Zone - Save Your Shots

Veteran CS:GO players might be used to spamming shots left right and center, but in Danger Zone the name of the game is conservation. When you get a gun it likely won't even come with a full mag, so you'll have to pace your shots if you want to get those frags. When using SMGs and rifles, your best bet is to simply tap the trigger.

CS:GO Danger Zone - Watch the Drones

In Danger Zone, drones are the carriers of ammo, guns, armor and pretty much anything else. They're unlocked with the money found scattered throughout the map, and once you buy one it'll fly straight towards your location. More guns is a good thing -- but watch out, a drone is basically a gigantic flare revealing your location. So be sure you're ready before sending one to you, and if you see a stray drone on the move know there's someone at its destination.

CS:GO Danger Zone - Get Ready for Longshots

Most game modes in CS:GO primarily involve fairly close quarters combat, with some exceptions. But in Danger Zone get ready to go long, as the expansive map makes most engagements more than a little spread out. Get in a lobby and practice those deagle shots until you're ready to cross-map some enemies.

Photo courtesy of Valve